With access to 17 offices throughout the United States and 600 U.S. lawyers practicing across the full range of U.S. law, the Swedish lawyers comprising Kilpatrick Townsend’s U.S. Desk in Stockholm are uniquely positioned to guide Swedish entrepreneurs and companies to the best U.S. legal experts.

Whether your company is preparing to launch a product overseas for the first time, or is already a player in the U.S. market, our access to the resources of an Am-Law 100 firm, in combination with our Swedish legal expertise, gives us the distinct opportunity to advise our Swedish clients on a cost effective basis, and with a keen understanding of the particular cross-border legal issues that may impact a business or transaction touching both Sweden and the United States.

The driving mission of our U.S. Desk is to provide an accessible and straightforward gateway to the U.S. legal services you need to operate or launch your activities in the United States. The U.S. Desk offers you a candid approach focused on providing you with clear, concise and pragmatic U.S. legal advice at reasonable fees. Consequently, we are committed to understanding your particular needs and expectations so that we can identify the right U.S. lawyer or a team of lawyers within Kilpatrick Townsend to assist with your project. A Swedish lawyer within the U.S. Desk will be your primary point of contact for your project, giving you same time zone access, to answer your questions and manage the project, whether small or large, to its successful completion. We are committed to standing by you at every stage of your project, ensuring that you are provided with seamless, high quality legal services on a cost efficient basis.

The U.S. Desk follows an established method from the first meeting with you. We

  1. Understand and identify your particular U.S. legal needs;
  2. Identify a lawyer or a team of lawyers within Kilpatrick Townsend to perform the required services;
  3. Provide an accurate fee estimate and confirm the budget and expected timing; and
  4. Ensure the seamless performance of high quality, clear and timely services, delivered on time and on budget, by remaining in close communication with you and the U.S. lawyer or team.

Although the U.S. Desk provides a gateway to all the U.S. legal services available within Kilpatrick Townsend, we are highlighting three areas that may be of particular interest to our Swedish clients.

U.S. Desk in Stockholm

Contact: Torbjörn Hultsberg, Cecilia Lohmander